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environmental relaxation
【News from】Starting in the second half of 2018, talk of "environmental relaxation" will be rife. The reason is that the contradiction between economy and environmental protection is getting increasingly heated, especially in the face of domestic and foreign factors, the pressure of econo
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Replace plastic packaging Paper packaging will become the future of high-end food packaging
For food, packaging not only acts as a container, but also can preserve the quality and extend the selling period. In the past, the food industry packaging materials are widely used in glass packaging, metal packaging, paper packaging and plastic packaging. According to the survey, the amount of pl
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German customers come to visit our company
At the beginning of the month, our company received customer Oliver from the German dairy factory.We have brought our customers to our sample room, focusing on our dairy products such as plastic cups, aluminum foil lid and roll film.The customer is very satisfied with our products, and the customers
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Would like to welcome everyone at Auspack 2019
AUSPACK, a Packaging and Processing Week initiative returns to Melbourne as Australasia’s largest and all encompassing processing and packaging event. Join us at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on 26 – 29 March 2019 .We would love to have a chat about how we can help provide you with
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about luckytime pack
Since its establishment in 1997, Suzhou Lucky Time Pack Material Co., Ltd. has a history of more than 20 years. The Ministry of Foreign Trade has been established for more than six years. The company has a complete and scientific quality management system. The company's integrity, strength and produ
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Continuous improvement of aesthetics
With the continuous development of economy and the improvement of living standards, consumers pay more and more attention to food packaging. So how can we create personalized packaging of our products and attract consumers’ attention? Suzhou Lucky Time Pack can do it for you.Lucky Time owns a team o
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Keep up with the time
With the rapid development of China's national economy and the continuous growth of China's consumer goods market. Our packaging industry is facing opportunities and challenges. Faced with the upgrading of people's consumption, food packaging also has a high demand. Green environmental protection, d
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Transition from liquid dairy products to PET packaging ushered in new business opportunities
At the Global Dairy Innovation Summit in this year,the leading of liquid packaging company Sidel proposed that the liquid dairy industry convert existing packaging into PET. In an interview, Naima Boutroy, Sidel's head of global packaging technology, shared with you the market strategy, cost-effecti
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Trends in food packaging 2018 - transparent visible
Nowadays, consumers are more and more seeking for fresh and healthy food. Transparent packaging can better display products, and generate a sense of openness and trust among consumers. Products can be directly seen and have stronger attraction. Our transparent packaging products include transparent
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Food Standards for continuous improvement
With the improvement of the national economy, the demand for food is also getting higher.Food consumption is constantly upgrading. Its main direction is the safety and hygiene of food. The harmful substances in contact packaging may affect the quality and safety of food.Our company strictly controls
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Thank you referring our website. If you have any question or business inquire, please e-mail us and we will get back to you soon.You can e-mail me directly at:
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