Sean  President / CEO
Over the last 18 years I have strived to build a culture in our company of 1) A great customer experience 2) Unmatched responsiveness and 3) Seamless project management. It is my goal that each customer feels like they can depend on us to understand and manage their project fully by being responsive, accessible and good communicators. These are qualities that many companies pursue but few attain. In my personal time I enjoy golf, family and going out to dinner to somewhere new with my friends.
Ivy Tao  Sales Manager
I enjoy sales and have been involved in several successful product launches for small, medium and large tier customers. I enjoy taking initiative and getting involved in every fact of an inquiry to make sure everything runs smoothly. I pride myself facilitating good communication and keeping customers well informed. After my customers' order, I always try to make sure that all details are   successfully managed correctly and on-time. I started my career in IT sales and after several years, then joined Lucky Time in 2012.In my free time I enjoy music and staying with my family.
Gary  Sales Manager
I have been with Lucky Time for over three years and have an extensive background in plastics and packaging. I had an experience of woking in a comprehensive foreign trade company for 5 years so  Lucky Time allows me to use my background to provide packaging solutions to all customers for both primary and secondary packaging solutions,   including material sourcing and management. In my spare time outside of work I enjoy playing football with my friends and trying new restaurants in the city.
Cherry  Sales Manager
I am at your service each and every day, eager to assist you in whatever you demand. I have been serving our great customers at Lucky Time for more than 4 years, serving our customers worldwide especially the United States. My goal each day is to provide quality services to customers before, during and after sales and keep improve customer satisfaction. During the holiday, you might find me enjoying in movie theatre or out camping.
Brady Ge  Sales Manager
I provide our customers mainly in Africa and South America. Our customers include both large and small companies as well as start-ups and entrepreneurs in many different industries. I love pleasing customers with well designed and executed packaging solutions. In my free time, I enjoy many outdoors activities in Zhangjiagang City including running, cycling, golf and tennis.
James  Sales Manager
Three years working in Lucky Time has enhanced my packaging knowledge vastly to be able to assist all customers through the most challenging of projects. I focus on a team management style to bring our valued customers,co-workers and production together which results in increased communication and effective planning. The absolute best part of this job is building relationships with my customers and being able    to call them friends. While I am not checking on production or running down time-sensitive information, I am enjoying a good meal with friends, an evening out with my family.
Thank you referring our website. If you have any question or business inquire,
please e-mail us and we will get back to you soon.You can e-mail me directly at:
[email protected]
Thank you referring our website. If you have any question or business inquire, please e-mail us and we will get back to you soon.You can e-mail me directly at:  [email protected]
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